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Kerry golf courses are renowned the world over for there stunning courses and panoramic views.  Locally known as "The Kingdom", County Kerry is one of Ireland's most popular tourist destinations, both for its stunning topography and world famous golf courses.


Course Name Distancel
 Killarney Golf & Fishing Club (Killeen, Mahonys Point links and Lackabane parkland) 6km
Beaufort Course (Parkland) 12km
Beaufort Course (Parkland) 34km
Beaufort Course (Parkland) 39km
 Tralee Course (Links) 44km
 Tralee Course (Links) 76km
Ballybunion Course (Links) 79km
Ballybunion Course (Links) 79km
Ballybunion Course (Links) 88km
Ballybunion Course (Links) 152km
Doonbeg Golf Club (Links) 167km